The owner of an electrics store from Poland contacted us with a request to help him make a trial order and check the contact of the Manufacturer from China. The Client did not have experience in cooperation with Chinese manufacturers because he did not trust their quality of production and was worried if the order would arrive on time and safely. However, since the business had a great need to expand the store's assortment with a price below the average, he decided to try it.

The task
Prepare a calculation for the Client: calculate the cost of a trial batch of electrics with delivery
Assist in contracting with a supplier from China
Help control the distribution of goods
The solution to the problem
Calculation of the purchase of a trial batch
FinCraft Capital manager prepared an estimate, which took into account all the expenses of the Client. The Client analyzed the numbers and calculated what benefits he could get by delivering goods from China.
Signing a contract with the Manufacturer
The manager helped contact the supplier through online negotiations and concluded a contract for the supply of a trial batch of electrics, in which sockets and switches in assortment were supposed to arrive.
Delivery control
Signing the contract, our managers discussed the possibility of controlling each of the stages of delivery. The Manufacturer's managers took photos and videos and sent them to us to see how the process went.
The Client received his order and made sure that the goods were delivered on time and in the same form as they were purchased in China. It allowed us to plan the business for several months.

Now the customer has a trusted partner in China, thanks to which he doubled the assortment of his.
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Our company provides an individual approach to each of our clients.


Our company provides an individual approach to each of our clients.
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